Assisted Living Los Angeles

At Trinity Hills Estates we are dedicated to providing the best for our residents and assisted living is one way we support those in our care. Los Angeles Assisted living is best for those who can somewhat manage their daily living activities but need extra help when it comes to certain chores or activities. Some of which may include but are not limited to managing medication, doing laundry, and cleaning as well as more personal tasks such as bathing, dressing, and using the bathroom. We cater our plan of action to our residents and their specific needs, likes, and dislikes so that they can utilize everything we have to offer. In this Arcadia estate assisted living facility we do our best to alleviate those burdens in as dignified of a manner as possible so that our residents are comfortable, happy, and can spend their time doing what’s important to them.



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Assisted Living in Arcadia

Here, we truly care about those entrusted to us and we do our utmost to ensure a safe and happy environment. We’re transparent. We offer physical fitness and daily engagement activities to help keep everyone involved and feel a sense of community, a sense of camaraderie and friendship. We have the best Arcadia gardens assisted living facilities including a beautiful outdoor area for the enjoyment of our residents, as well as offering such services like 3 nutritious and customizable meals a day. Beverages and snacks are also available during the day in between meals if they want to indulge themselves further. We have dedicated ourselves to enriching the lives of those around us and increasing their quality of life as much as we can by helping to maintain and improve their mental health and their physical health.

Ranging from everything from relaxing, engaging, entertaining, thought provoking, inside, and outside, we offer a whole spectrum of activities for our residents to enjoy. They can garden, go for a walk through our grounds, and connect with other members in the community while getting some sunshine. We also offer arts and crafts, music therapy, movies and games as well as community activities in which they can socialize with their neighbors. If for any reason an individual wants to change or adapt their routine we can also accommodate that. Residents may even request activities or events that we may not currently offer that they would like to have. At Trinity Hills Estates, assisted living Arcadia CA, our dedication to transparency, service, and care is reflected in our open council meetings which we hold once a month where any requests or concerns can be brought to light. We want our residents to be happy so any suggestions or requests that they or their families have that we can fulfill, we would love to accommodate.

We maintain our round the clock staff of 3 to 1 staff to resident ratio at all times. This ensures that no matter what, our community is being well taken care of and that in the event of an emergency there will always be someone there to respond. Our staff are all CPR certified and trained in First Aid and we also have concierge medical services who make regular visits to make sure we are doing everything we can to be of service to those in our care. We have an incredibly high standard of care that does not depreciate. This is because we have been on the other side of this situation, and we do for those in our community what we would do for ourselves our families. With medics and emergency facilities less than 5 minutes away our response time is the best it can possibly be. This coupled with our highly trained and reliable team guarantees we are doing anything and everything we can in an emergency no matter what time or where it takes place to keep everyone as healthy and safe as they can be. We ensure that those with us enjoy a life filled with respect, love, dignity, and happiness while maintaining a safe environment that lets you and your loved ones rest at ease.

Whether you are looking for help for yourself or a loved one, we are here to support you in this difficult situation. The safety and health of our community is paramount. We strive to be a sanctuary for our community and we succeed by maintaining an inclusive and warm environment that provides support for daily necessities while also saving room for privacy when appropriate. We do our best to ensure that quality of life remains at its zenith while maintaining exceptionally high safety standards with compassionate and attentive staff around the clock. Those in our employ are chosen with great care. They are as wonderful as our residents and they truly care about those with whom they watch over and take care of them as though they were their own family. With respect and love.

Why Choose Trinity Hills?

  • Specialize in early to end-stage dementia
  • Weekly nurse practitioner visits
  • Physical Therapy and concierge MD services offered
  • Daily engagement activities
  • Customizable meals
  • All-Inclusive pricing upon admission


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